Our Story

Every Athlete began from a love of health, fitness and CrossFit, our Founder Karl Lohde hails from Adelaide, South Australia, has an Aussie rules football background and a lifelong passion for health and fitness.

 Karl is an avid Crossfitter, also enjoys Brazilian Jujitsu and has a drive and passion to help people with their long term health and fitness goals. Spending many years as a Personal Trainer and working with youths, he has now turned his attention to providing quality and affordable fitness accessories to every type of athlete from the dedicated professional to the everyday human who enjoys taking care of themselves.

We now have a small team of great staff who are all dedicated to our cause and with the rate of growth we are experiencing, we are very confident of the future.

How Every Athlete began

Our Mission

Every Athlete exists to provide exceptional fitness accessories to the world. We understand how crucial health, fitness and wellness is and we endeavour to keep our customers as active and as healthy as possible by providing great products from dedicated, caring and supportive staff.